VeriVide Light Cabinet

VeriVide Colour Assessment Cabinets are an indispensable tool for colour assessment, colour quality control and comparison of colour variation. The stability of our light sources give excellent viewing conditions for reliable colour critical decisions under standardised lighting. Ensuring agreement and consistency through global supply chains, helping to highlight colour quality ssues.
verivide light cabinet

Meet or surpass ISO 3664 and BS 950 Part 1
Available with a choice of light source, customised to your needs – see Lamp Options
3 widths: 60, 120 and 150cm
Incorporate advanced features include servicing indicator, auto sequence, warm-up, power save and data storage facility
CAC 60, CAC 120 and CAC 150 accommodate 60, 120 and 150cm tubes respectively
Either 4 or 5 light sources available for each model including D65, D50, 840P15, F and UV
Internal finishes in Munsell N5, Munsell N7 or Grey 5574
Diffuser and/or dimmer options available

Model Overall (LxWxH) Viewing Area (LxWxH)
CAC 60-4 710 x 420 x 545mm 680 x 380 x 380mm
CAC 60-5 710 x 540 x 545mm 680 x 495 x 360mm
CAC 120-4 & 5 1290 x 620 x 755mm 1260 x 585 x 570mm
CAC 150-4 & 5 1560 x 620 x 755mm 1530 x 585 x 570mm
The light cabinets are fitted with D65 Artificial Daylight, Tunsten Filament and Ultraviolet, plus a choice of a florescent light source selected from the list on the right 830 D50 840P15 CW D75
Light Source Length/Size Watts Code
D75 “Artificial Daylight” 600mm 20w 2000-0143
D65 “Artificial Daylight” 600mm 18w 2000-0117
1200mm 36w 2000-0136
1500mm 58w 2000-0138
D50 “Artificial Daylight” 600mm 18w 2000-0015
1200mm 36w 2000-0779
1500mm 58w 2000-0780
‘F’ Tungsten Filament Globe 40w 2000-0119
Globe 60w 2000-0317
‘A’ Tungsten Hologen 35w 2000-0778
VeriVide 840 P15 (Formerly TL84P15) 600mm 18w 2000-0122
1200mm 36w 2000-0406
1500mm 58w 2000-0139
Cool White (CWF) 600mm 20w 2000-0134
1200mm 40w 2000-0774
1500mm 65/80w 2000-0141
Ultralume 35 (U35) 600mm 17w 2000-0810
1200mm 32w 2000-0811
Philips 830 (Formerly TL83) 600mm 18w 2000-0188
1200mm 36w 2000-0070
1500mm 58w 2000-0203
Sylvania 865 900mm 30w 2000-0781
‘H’ Tungsten Halogen 75w 2000-0782

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