Colour Fastness To Crocking VLP

Colour Fastness To Crocking

The Crocktec is a crockmeter which is used to determine the colour fastness to crocking (rubbing).  A crocking test shows the resistance of the colour of a textile and other materials to rubbing off and staining.

Colour fastness to Crocking (or rubbing) is a standard that even the most simple of quality expectations will require.

The Roaches Crocktec is available in both motorised and hand-operated models and they are designed to allow everybody (with the correct consumables) to be able to perform fabric crocking testing procedures.

 Advanced materials allow almost frictionless movement at the crank pin and arm guide frame, whilst allowing totally lubricant-free operation.

If it is a requirement to perform high volume or extended tests then the Crocktec auto is the motorised version. Advanced engineering gives the Crocktec Auto exact action and motion every time.

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