Colortec² Sample Dyeing Machine

The Colortec² is an ideal instrument for research and development, as well as recipe formulation. It is suitable for use at temperatures up to 135°C (275°F) and can process most types of material in the single kier.

Holders are supplied for fabric, yarn or loose stock. An external vessel provides the ability for making additions and dosing to the kier even at high temperatures and pressures.

Liquor circulation is achieved using a heavy-duty stainless steel gear pump, which is reversible. The gear pump speed is controlled electronically.

Liquor can be circulated externally through other equipment such as a spectrophotometer for on line analysis of the dye liquor, providing maximum potential for both research and production.

The process control is achieved using an advanced technology PLC based system. This gives utmost flexibility and allows the machine to be linked to the factories standard Ethernet 10/100 Network.

As standard the controller will store up to 5000 batches of historical data which includes all of the Inputs and Outputs of the PLC as well as time, temperature, pressure, flow rates and any other information that you could wish to be available.

Recipes can be copied, edited and linked easily.

Colortec sample dyeing machine

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