Jigger Sample Jig Dyeing Machine

The Jigger is a laboratory dyeing machine which has been designed to simulate the functions of a production jig.

The Jigger provides facilities for automatic change of direction of the fabric or where the sample length is too short, provision has also been made for one direction running only.

The normal liquor level has a low volume, but the actual operating liquor to fabric ratio is dependent on the length/weight of the sample.

Jigger Sample jig Dyeing Machine

Large diameter draw rollers with low heat capacity to minimise the cooling effect on the batch.
Adjustable fabric tension.
End of Cycle Alarm.
Fully automatic temperature control: Electric heating and cooling jacket.

Power Supply (Model 350)230V, 1 Phase, 50-60Hz, 1.7kW
Power Supply (Model 500)230V, 1 Phase, 50-60Hz, 2.1kW
Max Fabric Width (Model 350)300mm
Max Fabric Width (Model 500)450mm
Fabric Speed0-10 m/min (AC Inverter Drive)
Adjustable Timer0-99 Hours 59 Minutes
Model 350800mm (L) x 580mm (D) x 470mm (H)
Model 500950mm (L) x 580mm (D) x 470mm (H)

Floor Mounted Stainless Steel Frame
Castors for ease of moveability

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