Pyrotec³ Infra Red Dyeing Machine

The Pyrotec³ is a state of the art laboratory dyeing machine using quartz high efficiency heating and Forced Air cooling system which is totally controlled by a microprocessor controller.

Pyrotec³ is a global leader in infra-red dyeing technology and is fully endorsed by major dye stuff and auxiliary chemical suppliers as their model of choice.

Pyrotec³ is fully compatible with the AD-Chem dosing system. This simple yet effective device allows a liquid product to be introduced into the dye tube in a controlled manner.

Ad-Chem allows the laboratory process to better replicate the bulk dye process.

Pyrotec³ has an extensive range of dye tube sizes and will process up to 24 tubes in a single dye cycle. If you value your lab-dip efficiency and performance then Pyrotec³ is a must for your colour development laboratory.



Length: 750mmVoltage: 230V
Depth: 580mmFrequency: 50/60Hz
Height: 640mmSingle Phase
Unit Weight: 80kg (excluding tubes)
CodeMaximum Machine CapacityTube VolumeWorking Volume
A24 Tubes100ml82ml
A116 Tubes180ml135ml
B16 Tubes275ml215ml
B18 Tubes400ml300ml
B28 Tubes650ml450ml
C8 Tubes1000ml750ml
D*4 Tubes2000ml1500ml
E*2 Tubes4000ml3000ml
F*1 Tube8000ml7200ml

* D, E and F tubes will require a dedicated carrier plate for each tube size

Pyrotec³ has a robust construction with a coated mild steel exterior shell and a high grade stainless steel interior chamber, tube
carrier and tubes.

Highly efficient air cooling system, removing the necessity for connection to water supply and drainage
Factory set maximum temperature levelwith audible alarm
A totally independent quartz high efficiency heating system
Door locking mechanism to disable carrier rotation and machine heating

9 dye tube sizes are available, with a machine capacity from 1 tube to 24 tubes in the machine at any one time

Pyrotec³ includes the Roaches digital microprocessing controller. This intuitive technology ensures minimal training for technicians and highly accurate process control.

Programming options are simple and easy to input, these are pictorial so there is no need for multiple language settings.

Pyrotec³ provides a temperature range from 40°C (ambient) to 135°C for maximum substrate and dye cycle conformity.

System control and temperature calibrationaccuracy +/-1°C
Temperature control with a +/-0.25°C accuracy
Maximum heating gradient at 3°C/min up to 135°C
Maximum cooling gradient at 3°C/min from 135°C to 70°C (ambient temp 18°C)

Total control for time, temperature and rotation speed provides the ideal parameters to produce the perfect lab-dip.

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