Pyrotec³ Infra Red Dyeing Machine

The Pyrotec³ is a state of the art laboratory dyeing machine using quartz high efficiency heating and Forced Air cooling system which is totally controlled by a microprocessor controller.

Pyrotec³ is a global leader in infra-red dyeing technology and is fully endorsed by major dye stuff and auxiliary chemical suppliers as their model of choice.

Pyrotec³ is fully compatible with the AD-Chem dosing system. This simple yet effective device allows a liquid product to be introduced into the dye tube in a controlled manner.

Ad-Chem allows the laboratory process to better replicate the bulk dye process.

Pyrotec³ has an extensive range of dye tube sizes and will process up to 24 tubes in a single dye cycle. If you value your lab-dip efficiency and performance then Pyrotec³ is a must for your colour development laboratory.

Pyrotech3 Infrared dyeing machine brochure

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