Winch Sample Dyeing Machine

The Winch has been designed to simulate as nearly as possible the functions of a production winch machine.

Winch Sample Dyeing machine

All surfaces in contact with dye liquor are made from 316 Stainless Steel.
Fully enclosed with viewing window and access door.
Winch speed controlled by variable AC Inverter Drive.
Fully automatic Temperature Control.
Steam heated as standard.

Power Supply (Steam)230V, 1 Phase, 50-60Hz, 1.0-1.4kW
Power Supply (Electric)400V, 3 Phase, 50-60Hz, 9.0kW (50 Litre Only)
Model 50L1105mm (L) x 590mm (D) x 1450mm (H)
Model 65L1140mm (L) x 680mm (D) x 1500mm (H)
Model 100L1150mm (L) x 760mm (D) x 1600mm (H)

Additions Tank
Fully automatic dosing system
Electric heating available (50 Litre Model Only)

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