Calender Machine

The Universal Calender has been designed to reproduce many of the effects which are produced on larger calenders

The versatile design, which includes three bowls (two filled and one chrome plated steel) allows the user to easily and quickly adapt the drive arrangement for friction finishing techniques. Other bowl materials can also be specified.

The Universal Calender is constructed in such a way that it is extremely rigid and, as a result, bowl deflection is negligible even at the maximum loading from the pneumatic cylinders. High nip loads can be generated, which closely reproduce the loads of production calenders.

Two versions are available – 350mm or 500mm face width, both of which are floor standing units.

  • Heated top bowl (external Infrared emitters) with manual temperature control
  • Filled bowl options are available (Woollen, Paper, Cotton, Polyamide)
  • Gear drive between top and middle bowls
  • Intermediate drive gear for friction finishing – easily removed and refitted
  • Process speed indication
  • Positively driven batching unit with slipping clutch
  • Automatic main bearing lubrication
calender machine

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