Coating Unit

To facilitate laboratory scale applications of pastes and similar media to textile substrates, the Coating Unit is the ideal apparatus and it is specifically designed to complement the ‘TFO’ and ‘Mini-Thermo’ range of laboratory ovens and steamers for finishing operations. The coated fabric which is on a pin frame is directly inserted to one of the drying chambers.

Three coating elements are supplied as standard and these can be positioned in different configurations to reproduce various coating techniques;

  • Fixed Bar – a Stainless Steel Roller.
  • Rotating Roller – a parallel stainless steel free rotating roller on low friction bushes.
  • Blanket – a chemical resistant blanket is supported between two rollers to provide a large surface area between the coating head and the sample.
  • Heated top bowl (external Infrared emitters) with manual temperature control.

coating unit

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