Laboratory Padding Mangles

A wide range of laboratory and narrow fabric production padders make up the range. Also known as a padding mangles, are used in various industry sectors such as apparel, upholstery, woven, non-wovens and medical.

The EVP (Vertical Bowls) and EHP (Horizontal Bowls) models of PADDERS are a cost effective bench or frame standing units with direct acting bowls.

The BVHP model can work in either the vertical or horizontal position allowing a conventional liquor trough to be used, or the use of dams in the horizontal position. The BVHP models can either be bench mounted or frame standing.

All of our padder models can be used in conjunction with other pieces of equipment such as Thermo fixation Ovens (TFO) and Wash Rages. See all of Lab Finishing Equipment.

A pad mangle can be used to squeeze moisture of a fabric and/or impregnate a fabric with dyes, chemicals or other special fabric performance finishes.

The Roaches Padder range (EVP, EHP, BVHP) can be operated as a stand-alone unit or in a semi continuous/continuous unit in series incorporating equipment such as IR pre-dryer, Thermo-fixation oven (TFO), Chemical Pad Steam, washing range.

The hardness of rollers may need to be varied depending on the required pick-up. For example, soft rollers ma be needed if 100% pick-up on cotton is required. Equally, harder rollers are needed if a low pick-up on 100% cotton is required. Normally a 70º shore hardness is provided as this gives a wide working range of pick-up levels.

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