Bean Bag Snag Tester

The Bean Bag Snag Tester is used to assess the propensity of a knitted fabric for snagging by a tumbling action with a weighted bean bag and pin bars in a rotating drum.

2 drums rotating at 20 rpm for 100 cycles. Each drum contains 8 pin bars.
Drum doors made from transparent acrylic for easy viewing and safety.
Drums and snagging bars manufactured from high grade material.
Electronic counter automatically stops the drive when the pre-selected count has been achieved.
2 Test Bean Bags supplied as standard (450g ±10g).
Sample Template supplied as standard (215mm x 115mm).

Drum Size200Ø x 145mm
Number of Pinned Bars16 (8 Per Drum)
Testing Speed20 rpm ± 2 rpm
Power Supply220V, 50Hz
Size470 x 420 x 440mm

ASTM D3939 Photographic Standards Grade 1-5 (Code: 5000-0004).
Pack of 2 Bean Bags (Code: 6000-0960).
Sample Template 215mm x 115mm (Code: 6000-0961).

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