Martindale Rub Test

Martindale is globally recognised as a definitive apparatus for determining the propensity of a substrate for pilling and the determination of resistance to abrasion.

It is the perfect choice for organisations practicing lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, 5S or other certifications where traceability and location are key requirements

4 Position570mm605mm340mm80kg
6 Position800mm605mm340mm90kg
8 Position800mm605mm340mm95kg
9 Position800mm605mm340mm100kg


Single Phase 
Abrasion TestsModified Abrasion Tests
Arcadia AG35Arcadia AG33
Arcadia AG32Arcadia AG61
Arcadia AG34Arcadia AG75
AS 2001EN 13770
ASTM D4966EN 15973
BS 2543EN 16094
BS 3424-24ISO 17076-2
BS 5690:1979ISO 26082-1
BS 5690:1988 
BS 5690:1991Pilling Tests
BS 8428Arcadia AG26
EN 13520ASTM D4970
EN 14325EN ISO 12945-2
EN 14465M&S P17
EN 14605M&S P18C
EN 343Next TM26
EN 388SN 198525
EN 530Woolmark TM196
EN 943-2 
EN ISO 12947 
IS 12673 
ISO 17704 
ISO 5470-2 
M&S P19 series 
Next 18 series 

Ancillary equipment and consumables conforming to major international standards and Brand requirements can be supplied on request.

Constructed from only the highest grade materials, Roaches Martindale is a robust unit built for accuracy and reliability.

Roaches Martindale is available with 4, 6, 8 and 9 test heads options for maximum versatility.

With a simple twisting action the clamping rings easily secure test materials into place.

Roaches Martindale includes the new touch screen interface. This intuitive technology ensures minimal training for techniciansand highly accurate process control. Simple programming for new test methods.

Programming options are simple and easy to input.
Individual recording of test revolutions for each test head.
Abrasion, pilling and sock abrasion accessories are available.
Ergonomicall designed storage for sample holders and weights.

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