Opti Dry Shrinkage Testing

To meet the needs of the modern textile laboratory, the Opti-Dry has been developed as a standard reference drying unit. 

It conforms to International and major Retailer test standards for domestic laundering conditions, drying and shrinkage tests.

The Opti-Dry preferred by many leading independent Textile Testing laboratories and is rapidly becoming a standard machine for many leading chain stores and their suppliers.



Length: 600mm Voltage: 220/240V
Depth: 600mm Frequency: 50/60Hz
Height: 850mm Single Phase
Unit Weight: 35kg (excluding tubes)
AATC Retail
EN / EN ISO Other retailers
EN ISO 6330

The latest version of the Opti-Dry has been further refined to provide the operator with a ‘at a glance’ indication of the test cycle stages on the graphic panel.

The temperature of the exhausted air is monitored and controlled the maintain the correct conditions. The process temperature and timing is indicated on the control panel using advanced digital instrumentation. The heating and cooling phases of the process are also indicated.

Accurate time and temperature control in accordance with test requirements
Automatic and accurate timing of the drum rotation reversals.
Audible alarm indicates when the machine has finish the test.
Dwell times can be optimised to establish drying times for the specimens

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