Perspirometer Perspiration Tester

The PERSPIROMETER is designed for use in the determination of colourfastness of textiles to water, seawater and perspiration. 

STANDARDS BS 1006, BS EN 20105, ISO 105, AATCC 15

This tester can conform to but is not limited to the standards above.

The apparatus consists of a stainless steel frame with 21 acrylic separator plates and a load weight.

The PERSPIROMETER can be used in two configurations, depending on the test method being used (BS 1006, BS EN 20105, ISO 105
or AATCC 15). Each respective configuration applies the correct weight to the specimens.

21 Seperator Plates supplied with each perspiration rack as standard.
Racks constructed from high grade stainless steel.

30 Litre Incubator
Chemical & Glasswear Kit for BS/ISO/AATCC (Makes 200 Litres)
Grey Scales
Petri Dishes & Glass Plates for Marks & Spencer method of assessment

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