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Discover our product range

Roaches International is a global leader in the manufacture of high
quality materials performance testing instruments. Which meet the
textile testing standards set by the leading retailers. 

Our range includes machines for Abrasion, Pilling, Colour Fastness,
strength, bursting, Crocking (Rubbing) Durability and Stability plus
many others

Improve your laboratory colour development efficiency with Roaches range of dyeing machines.

From IR technology to processing speciality yarn with the DK sample hank machines through to recipe optimisation with the Colortec.

An extensive range of semi continuous and continuous equipment fabric finishing machines to cover most applications. To be used for product development and up-scaling of manufacturing processes.

Roaches International is a global leader in Padder, Pad-thermosol, Pad steam, Coating and wash range technologies.

High precision machines for use primarily in the manufacture of composite panels for the auto-motive industries.

A number of standard capacity units are available for small scale production and product development, with one large capacity unit able to hold a full automotive chassis

Roaches International offers a range of ancillary equipment to enhance your laboratory experience, from pH meters, precision balances, water purification, data loggers, colour assessment cabinets and much more.

Roaches International stock all of the test materials required in a textile testing lab. Detergents, Adjacent Fabric, Abradant Fabric, Crocking Cloths, Assesment Aids are all readily available.