Roaches is a UK based engineering company with over thirty
years of experience of designing and manufacturing autoclaves to meet customer requirements.

Standard system features include:-
Fully programmable fan speeds for control of air circulation.
Modular cartridge heaters for easy replacement.
Analogue control of heaters for improved accuracy.
Full monitoring of individual vacuum zones.
Integrated vacuum pump and pipe system.
Touch screen PC control system with fully traceable historical cycle data.

We offer an upgrade and refurbishment service.

In addition to this, Roaches experienced after-sales team offer excellent support for spare parts, service or technical issues during the operating life of the equipment.

Laboratory Units

Length 1.0 meters – 8.0 meters
Diameter 0.8 meters – 6.0 meters
Zones To suit

Development Units

Length 0.8 meters – 2.0 meters
Diameter 0.6 meters – 0.8 meters
Zones Up to 8 Zones

The curing process for composite materials carried out in Roaches autoclaves is fully controlled by the PC based Adaptive Control System (ACS) that has been developed over many years. Using ACS software all the parameters involved in the cycle such as temperature, pressure and vacuum can be programmed and controlled to the most precise level
and accurately repeated week after week.

Vacuum levels on each individual zone can be monitored and
controlled and in the case of bag leakages which can result in a drop in vacuum to critical levels, can be isolated, preventing the failure of other components that may be in the same cure process.

The accurate control of all these variables is critical to get the repeatable qualities required in the manufactured components and parts.

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