Roaches is a UK based engineering company with over thirty
years of experience of designing and manufacturing autoclaves to meet customer requirements.

Standard system features include:-
Fully programmable fan speeds for control of air circulation.
Modular cartridge heaters for easy replacement.
Analogue control of heaters for improved accuracy.
Full monitoring of individual vacuum zones.
Integrated vacuum pump and pipe system.
Touch screen PC control system with fully traceable historical cycle data.

We offer an upgrade and refurbishment service.

In addition to this, Roaches experienced after-sales team offer excellent support for spare parts, service or technical issues during the operating life of the equipment.

An autoclave is used to cure composite parts which require heat and pressure. The use of controlled pressure is necessary to make sure that the fibre/resin content is sufficient and also allows the surface finish of the part to be free from air voids.

Many industries use autoclaves: Chemical, food, textile, medical, nuclear, rubber coating and within the composites industry: Motorsport, Aerospace, Sports, Construction. The complexity and control level of the autoclave can differ dependant on sector it is used in.

Autoclave curing is effectively the process of creating a crosslink reaction within the chemical (resin) to for a rigid matrix. Most common way of creating the crosslink is via heat. An autoclave provides the heat to create this crosslink whilst the autoclave vessel is also under pressure to remove trapped air giving the composite part a repeatable and free from imperfection finish once the cure cycle has ended.  

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