Durawash The Original Print Durability Tester

If you have a high volume of repeating washing colour fastness tests or specific garment or fabric print durability tests, pleat retention, waddings and quilted waddings then Durawash is the perfect choice

Durawash conforms to many high street and brand test methods and procedures and simulates the conditions necessary to meet leading chain stores standard garment and fabric print durability tests.

Durawash can produce washing effects from a single cycle that are comparable to 5 standard domestic washes. Massive savings can be generated from test time to water and other utilities.

* Independent hydro-extractor sold separately



Length: 730mmVoltage: 20/240V
Depth: 520mmFrequency: 50/60Hz
Height: 910mm (Lid Open)Single Phase
Unit Weight: 66kg 


Arcadia Group CA 10a Print Durability for Textiles


BS 7907:2007: Withdrawn
CEN TR 16792 2014 (Annex C): Safety of children’s clothing


M&S C15 Print Durability
M&S P5 Durability Wash for Garments and Components
M&S P6 Durability Wash for Pleat Retention
M&S P7 Durability of Waddings and Quilted Waddings to Washing
M7S P69 Cockling

Durawash is approved and specified by  M&S


Next TM 8 Appearance for Garments and Products

Constructed from high grade stainless steel for long life, the Durawash incorporates a number of safety and other features:

Lid interlock and latch
Water level protection to disable heating when low level or empty
Stainless steel bearing housing
Stainless steel impellor

Durawash includes the new Roaches touch screen interface. This intuitive technology ensures minimal training for technicians and highly accurate process control. Simple programming for new test methods.

Programming options are simple and easy to input, these are pictorial so there is no need for multiple language settings.

System control and temperature calibration accuracy better than +/-1°C
Automatic fill function
Temperature control with a +/-0.25°C accuracy

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