Durawash The Original Print Durability Tester

If you have a high volume of repeating washing colour fastness tests or specific garment or fabric print durability tests, pleat retention, waddings and quilted waddings then Durawash is the perfect choice

Durawash conforms to many high street and brand test methods and procedures and simulates the conditions necessary to meet leading chain stores standard garment and fabric print durability tests.

Durawash can produce washing effects from a single cycle that are comparable to 5 standard domestic washes. Massive savings can be generated from test time to water and other utilities.

* Independent hydro-extractor sold separately

Once the specified wash cycle is complete, the print should be checked against an un-washed sample. The assessment points that should be reported can include; degree of print/flock loss, colour change (using Grey Scale) in each print colour and any uptake of Optic Brightening Agent (OBA).

Washing durability is applicable for all textiles and garments. This can be durability of a print, an embellishment/attachment or the durability of an applied performance such as pleat retention.

The Roaches Durawash, and later Durawash PLUS, were the first specific developments to replace the Hoover-Matic twin tub. Durawash is manufactured with all the same wash bath dimensions and impellor speed, but utilising modern manufacturing techniques and semi-automation. Durawash was the first machine approved by M&S (Marks & Spencer) for testing the durability to washing of a Printed fabric.

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