Washtec Colour Fastness Test Equipment

Washtec is compliant with AATCC and ISO standards, constructed from high grade stainless steel for long life and is available in either single size pot (P) or duel size pot (P A2) options, allowing you to choose the best configuration for your colour fastness testing requirements.

Washtec P A2 has been exclusively designed to allow you to utilise equal numbers of 550ml pots and 1200ml pots.

Colour Fastness to washing is the measurable resistance of material to change its colour during a washing cycle using a reference washing detergent. The Performance and assessment of colour fastness to washing though out the supply chain, from lab-dip to dyeing and finishing is a major factor in producing a “fit for purpose” article.

Colour fastness rating is the means of evaluating the change in colour of a substrate and/or the transfer of colour from a substrate to an adjacent reference material, multifibre, during a test procedure. The rating is often evaluated by means of the grey scales and will be report as a grade between 1 & 5, with grade 5 being no visible change. Colour fastness rating will assess colour change and colour staining.

Yes; Washtec can be used for colour fastness to dry cleaning test. You must ensure the seal in the lid of the test canister is made from a suitable chemical resistant product. As per test requirement it is necessary to include reference stainless steel discs. Assessment will be carried out using grey scale and a colour assessment cabinet.

The difference between ISO washing pots and AATCC washing pots is volume. The ISO pots are measured at 550ml and the AATCC pots are measured at 1200ml. It must be noted that ISO and AATCC test procedures, although similar, use different multifibre and different reference detergents.

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