Washtec Colour Fastness Test Equipment

Washtec is compliant with AATCC and ISO standards, constructed from high grade stainless steel for long life and is available in either single size pot (P) or duel size pot (P A2) options, allowing you to choose the best configuration for your colour fastness testing requirements.

Washtec P A2 has been exclusively designed to allow you to utilise equal numbers of 550ml pots and 1200ml pots.


Model Length Depth Height
Single bath P A2 4+4 & P8 630mm 620mm 870mm (Lid Open)
Single bath P 12 only 740mm 620mm 870mm (Lid Open)
Single bath P A2 8+8 & P16 860mm 620mm 870mm (Lid Open)
Single bath P A2 12+12 & P24 1100mm 650mm 870mm (Lid Open)


Voltage Frequency
220/230V 50/60Hz Single Phase
400V 50Hz Three Phase & Neutral
220V 60Hz Three Phase
AATCC 2, 3, 28, 61, 151, 190 TM 7
AATCC 86, 132, 151 TM 115
TM 177
ISO TM 193
ISO 105-C06 TM 199
ISO 105-C08 TM 240
ISO 105-C09 TM 241
ISO 105-C10
ISO 105-D01 M&S
ISO 105-E03 M&S C04
M&S C05
Next M&S C10A
TM 2 / 2A M&S C37
TM 3 / 3A M&S P12A
TM 5
Ancillary equipment and consumables conforming to major international standards and Brand requirements can be supplied on request.

Constructed from high grade stainless steel for long life, the Washtec incorporates a number of safety and other features:

Washtec P is available with 8 pot, 12 pot, 16 pot and 24 pot capacities.
Washtec P A2 is available with 8 pot (4+4) 16 pot (8+8) and 24 pot (12+12) capacities
Lid interlock and latch and drive motor safety interlock
Overflow connection to prevent over filling
Stainless steel bearing housing
Industrial quality motor specification
Chemical resistant pot seals are available for solvent testing

Programming options are simple and easy to input:
Push and twist action provides a safe and efficient method of loading/unloading the pots
System control and temperature calibration accuracy better than +/-1°C
Temperature control with a +/-0.25°C accuracy
Temperature range from ambient 20°C to 98°C
Rotation/inch button for accurate carrier positioning for loading/unloading

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