Photographic Standards

2000-0078Spray Rating ChartAATCC TM-22
5000-0001Single Jersey PillingBS 5811 : 1979
5000-0002Double Jersey PillingBS 5811 : 1979
5000-0003Woven PillingBS 5811 : 1979, M&S
5000-0004Mace Snag Pilling (9 Grades)ASTM D3939
5000-0005SM50 Pilling (Set of 4) Plain Weave, Woven Blanket,
Twill Black & Twill White
IWS TM-196, ASTM D4970 & BS EN ISO
5000-0006SM54 Knitted (Set of 4) Botany, Double Jersey,
Lambswool & Shetland
IWS TM-152
BS EN ISO 12945-1
5000-0007Random Tumble PillingASTM D3512
6000-0933Resistance of Apparel Fabrics to
Pilling – Elastomeric Pad (Set of 3)

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