Chemical Pad Steamer

Our range of steamers have been developed to cover the various industrial requirements from standard atmospheric to high temperature Flash Ager or pressurised Kiers, thereby simulating all conditions used by production machines.

Chemical Pad Steam

The ‘Pad-Steam’ model CPS-2 incorporates the following design features:

  • Stainless steel with glass inspection door and insulating panels.
  • Heated throat and roof.
  • Steam generated automatically in wet bottom.
  • Driven top and bottom rollers.
  • Wet leg exit for cold water feed and overflow.
  • Air purge valve.
  • Fabric content of 4 metres.

Padder included at front of Steamer

The Padder features:

  • The 2 Bowl Pad and Drawnip is integral with the steamer frame.
  • The pad is pneumatically loaded to control the desired expression.
  • Wet on wet development is provided by an accessory tank after the pad nip.
  • Standard or V type tanks. Fabric can be processed batch to batch or continuously
Power Supply400V, 50 or 60Hz, 3 Phase
Processing Speed0-10 m/min
Maximum Temperature102°C
Maximim Humidity98 rH
Model 350 500
Max Fabric Width 300mm 425mm
Length 1100mm 1100mm
Width 650mm 800mm
Height 1820mm 1920mm
Electrical Load 5.5 Kw 6.5 Kw

Electronic rH Meter for Humidity Measurement

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