Pioneering Excellence: Roaches International and the Autoclave Revolution at Memento Exclusives

Roaches X Memento

At Roaches International, our passion lies in being at the forefront of innovation, pushing boundaries, and enabling businesses to reach new heights. Whilst taking into account the importance of energy efficiency. Roaches designed their latest Autoclaves to be their most cost effective yet.

One such remarkable journey unfolded when we collaborated with Memento Exclusives, a global sports licensing business known for revolutionising the world of sports memorabilia through

Memento Exclusives takes great pride in their in-house production and manufacturing capabilities, covering everything from framing and photography to their cutting-edge composites unit.

However, our shared commitment to continuous improvement led us to embark on a transformative venture marked by the introduction of the Autoclave – a true game-changer for Memento Exclusives.

Installed with precision and expertise by Roaches International Ltd, the Autoclave represents not just a piece of equipment but a pivotal moment in Memento Exclusives’ evolution.

It serves as a tangible marker of their growth and unwavering dedication to producing top-tier products and services.

So, what makes the Autoclave so groundbreaking? This state-of-the-art equipment is the crucible where composite materials undergo a metamorphic process involving both mechanical and chemical procedures.

Trapped air and volatiles are expertly expelled, and plies are consolidated under precise pressure. Heat cycles are then introduced, curing the resin systems and yielding flawlessly crafted components.

Terry Wasyliw, Memento Exclusives’ Head of Build, encapsulates the excitement surrounding this transformative addition. “This has been the most exciting addition to Memento Exclusives’ Composites Team as it’s a game-changer when it comes to developing what we do best – ‘Produce Show Cars to Formula 1 Standards’,” he remarks.

The Autoclave’s capability to cure large components brings unprecedented benefits, offering full control and facilitating a swift turnover of parts, ultimately ensuring the highest quality finish.

“At Memento Exclusives, we continue to keep an eye on new technologies and materials within the composites industry to see what we can do to improve our processes even further,” Terry explains. This dedication aligns seamlessly with Roaches International’s ethos of innovation and progress.

The Autoclave, a symbol of our collaborative success, represents Roaches International’s commitment to empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions.

As we mark this achievement, join us in experiencing the innovative spirit that shapes Roaches International and Memento Exclusives, transforming the world of sports memorabilia.

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