Opti Air – Air Permeability Tester

Unit Features

  • Touch screen control interface
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Results exported through SD card or WiFi
  • Easy inter changing test heads
  • Automatic aperture selection according to fabric performance


ASTM D737, ASTM D5636

BS5636, DIN 53887

EN ISO 7231, EN ISO 9237


Key Specifications

Pressure Range1 – 1,000Pa
Measuring Range0.2 – 12,000mm/s
Measuring Accuracy±2%
Sample Thickness (Max)12mm
Test Heads3 Supplied as standard: 5cm², 20cm², 25cm², 38cm², 50cm², 100cm² (Please specify)
Available Unitsmm/s, L/m², cm³/cm², dm/min, L/dm²/min, m/min, m/h, cfm
Orifice Plate1pc with 8 different apetures
Power Supply220V, 50Hz, 1 Phase
Dimensions850 x 520 x 1050mm

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