Opti Spray Water Repellency Tester

The Opti-Spray Spray Rating Tester is specifically designed to comply with the various methods of
determining the water repellence of a textile

The apparatus is constructed from stainless steel for outstanding durability and to eliminate the chance of contamination from corrosion. The Spray Nozzle is made from aluminium in accordance with the standards listed above.

The test methods described in the various listed procedures are all very simple.

A predetermined quantity of water is allowed to spray from the aluminium nozzle down on to the test specimen, which is positioned at 45° and whose centre is 150mm from the centre of the nozzle.

Unit manufactured from high grade stainless steel
Specimen clamp supplied as standard to hold samples in place.
Polypropylene funnel used for strength and ease of maintenance.

Spray Time25-30 Seconds
Specimen Mount Angle45°
Distance from nozzle to specimen150mm ± 2mm
Funnel Diameter150mm ± 5mm
Size310 x 260 x 600mm

AATCC Spray Rating Chart (Code: 2000-0078)
250ml Glass Beaker (Code: 2000-0773)
Spare Nozzle & Bung Assembly (8-SM1285/SA2).

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