Wrap Reel

A high-quality yarn wrap reel, providing consistency and stability to ISO 2060.2 Our Electronic Wrap Reel is designed to produce skeins of yarn of a predetermined length and number of turns for count and / or strength testing. Complete with yarn package stand and pre-tension device, fittedwith pre-determined counter.

Use MCU to control unit, allowing numeric programming parameters (such as speed, bobbin number, reel presenting parameters are pre-settable) and auto-tracking the speed of the reel.
Precision DC speed regulating motor with synchromesh belt allows for precise positioning.
Numeric speed controlling panel makes the unit consistent and stable.
Two start-up modes (hard start-up and soft start-up) make the unit work consistently and stably and do not break yarn when starting.
Electronic limit trips, total rev number and user programmable stops.
Closed-loop controlled and speed tracking system. Esures that an even speed is kept even with variable voltage.

Reel Circumference1000mm / 54”
Rev25-300 PRM (pre-settable)
Spindle Interval65cm
Number of Wraps2 – 9999 (pre-settable)
Programmable stops1 – 9 (pre-settable)
Travaling reciprocating distance35mm ± 1mm
Reeling pre-tension0 – 100cN (pre-settable)
Size780 x 660 x 480mm

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